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COLLABORATION is at the core of the relationship. The ability to LISTEN to the client is a cornerstone of the AHD experience. Rather than imposing solutions, Addie strives to consult with and offer ANSWERS that meet the needs of each client.

How does the family LIVE in the space, what are its functional NEEDS, what is RELEVANT to the family? What is PRACTICAL and within the budget? What can we reuse, repaint, and create anew? How can a floor plan be OPTIMIZED to increase flow of space, to create spaces to rest and reflect, spaces that TAKE ADVANTAGE of the light and views, and still others that provide enough seating to entertain?  How can we use each room to its FULLEST POTENTIAL?

By being RESOURCEFUL with a wealth of trade sources and online choices, RESEARCHING what is available, then SHARING knowledge learned in the field, and presenting different OPTIONS that are edited and practical, a PARTNERSHIP is established.



Creating WELL-EDITED rooms of quiet, timeless SIMPLICITY is the underlying principal of the AHD philosophy. It is having a design plan that is INVITING and comfortable as well as uncluttered, and then LAYERING upon this base those personal flourishes that speak most to the client. Design starts and ends with the client’s PERSONALITY and vision.  

In any aesthetic you embrace, GOOD DESIGN is a matter of visual balance, rhythm, scale, proportion and harmony used in a way that creates a SEAMLESS, INTEGRATED look.  It is the ability to establish a FLOW between adjacent rooms, to maximize available natural light and use artificial light in a MULTI-LAYERED approach. It is JUXTAPOSING the old with the new, the high end with the humble, the smooth surface with the textured. It is creating a DIALOGUE between treasured objects, placing an interesting old chair against the backdrop of a detailed wallpaper, GROUPING a collection for maximum impact or building shelves to DISPLAY one-of-a-kind handmade crafts. It is CONNECTING the indoors with the outdoors or ENLARGING a space visually by extending sight lines.



With a BA in Art, an AAS in Interior Design & an MBA, Addie brings broad PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, a keen awareness of the history of art and design, along with an UNFLAPPABLE sensibility and attention to both the practical and the aesthetic DETAILS of the project.  She will take charge in whatever capacity the client asks. Some examples include:

AHD will manage the design process with ATTENTION to detail. Be RESPONSIBLE for ordering and acquiring products & materials. COORDINATE a group of talented craftsmen. Take the worry out of the coordination and SCHEDULING of a big overhaul. Deal with the nitty-gritty of EDITING DOWN the contents of a big house and MOVING to smaller quarters after the nest is empty. Help establish a BUDGET and work within it, with clear and TRANSPARENT pricing. Set up time parameters and ABIDE BY them.

A TRUST is developed. Good design starts and ends with SERVICE to the client to get the job done right.