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Case Studies

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A family's relocation  

Addie helped this family relocate from a city apartment to their new Hilton Head home. With a 4 month move-in deadline, we worked together to bring the house to life in time for the holidays. Using computer-aided design, Addie was able to place their existing furniture into a plan for each room in the new house. This enabled us to identify which pieces needed to be reupholstered and what new pieces needed to be purchased to fill in blanks.  This virtual design set the wheels in motion long before the family was scheduled to move in. We chose a new palette with paint colors and fabrics suitable for a beach vibe. Our mantra was to repurpose all the furniture and accessories that the family cherished but use them in new combinations in order to bring a freshness to this next chapter in their lives. Portfolio reference: A Hilton Head SC Home, A Relaxed Eclectic Apartment, Before We Came & After We Left


From start to finish: bringing interior design to an empty space

It was important to choose wisely for this apartment’s color palette in order to fully integrate the unique views from its many windows: a mass of warm red brick and the sky above. Working with this open-plan living/dining space, we decided to create a feature wall to highlight the dining area. We chose Galbraith & Paul’s hand-blocked wallpaper, bringing color and pattern to a minimalist Mid-Century Modern furniture collection. For a dramatic entrance and high contrast with the adjacent Living Room, we used dark paint in the Entry Foyer, effectively delineating each space in this open-plan apartment. Additional Galbraith & Paul wallpaper was hung in the Foyer in a different but complementary pattern. Custom flat weave rugs were designed to coordinate with the apartment’s delightful color scheme. Portfolio reference: A Mid-Century Modern Apartment, Before We Came & After We Left


Refreshing a family room and other details

Once the children had grown, it became apparent that this Family Room, the most heavily used room in the home, needed to be redone to rid itself of child-centered themes and worn out furniture. The main focus of this design project was a new rug that needed to be distinctive from, yet suitable with the adjacent Living Room rug. We picked an Odegard rug and custom-designed its color palette. In addition we chose a new fabric for two Living Room chairs. Its blue color and design motif were in perfect dialogue with the existing rug. Finally, the end wall of the apartment’s Entrance Foyer needed a certain grand gesture. We found it in a bold wallpaper choice, Fornasetti’s Murals, whose dark, dramatic scene would be impossible to ignore. Portfolio reference: Contemporary Loft in Downtown Chelsea, Before We Came & After We Left