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“Addie was able to see the project from my viewpoint but bring her substantial design expertise to improve my thinking and come up with new thoughts…we worked well together, and the project moved forward on schedule and within the original guidelines. Addie’s team was professional and nice to work with.” LR

“…talented, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. A careful listener, Addie takes time to understand how rooms are used, what you have already and the design elements you want to add…completed in a timely fashion and she handles scheduling and oversight…” CD

“..using a creative and flexible approach to the challenges, following up efficiently, keeping us informed…results that were transformative…” LW

“Patient, easy to contact and communicate with, respectful of my budget…” JP

How do you turn your home into your HAVEN? How do you create an inviting, livable space that reflects your CHARACTER? In a well-designed interior, scale, balance and functionality are key components, regardless of your PERSONAL STYLE.

Are you CONTEMPLATING a major overhaul, updating a room or looking for the perfect fix for that nagging design problem? Whatever your challenges, AHD can help guide you to the RIGHT SOLUTIONS. Using the tools of the trade, whether through computer-aided designs or searching a network of resources, you can PEER INTO THE FUTURE. See a floor plan that OPTIMIZES spatial flow before it even exists. Create a road map that allows for a SMOOTH TRANSITION. Anything from an expansion with a new family member on the way to an empty-nester’s downsizing. Whatever beckons, AHD will work with you.

Addie has been TRANSFORMING residential spaces for over 20 years. After majoring in art/photography at Kenyon College, she headed to NYU for an MBA in Marketing. While RAISING a family of three girls, she worked for 12 years in the home furnishings industry, designing a line of quilts, pillows & placemats as well as buying & selling products with an emphasis on fine CRAFTSMANSHIP and sophisticated design for her NYC store. Her PASSION for these products led her naturally into the field of interior design and a degree at the New York School of Interior Design. Her BOUTIQUE firm has helped clients in the greater New York area as well as in Hilton Head, Colorado, Vermont and San Francisco.

What is your story? What do you cherish? AHD can SHED LIGHT on what is RELEVANT to you, making a cohesive environment that is UNIQUELY YOU, and in so doing, help clarify what is your DESIGN ESSENCE.


Home: The Foundations of Enduring Spaces

Written by Ellen S Fisher, Dean of the New York School of Interior Design, this resource is packed with over 450 pages of practical information and inspiring interiors; truly a master class in the fundamentals of the craft.  

Addie’s project, A Classic Traditional Apartment, was chosen as an example of a complementary color scheme in the discussion on color theory. Her use of two different and effective bookcase lighting solutions was featured as well as her fearlessly red Dining Room which illustrated how to drench a room in bold color. She’s proud to be included among the design industry’s top luminaries, such as Vincente Wolf, Alexa Hampton, Bunny Williams & Thom Filicia.